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Meet Badgerbigglesworth

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Ride Leader Badgerbigglesworth

Brighton Ride leader

The Stead - Triumph Thruxton R.

Q; Why do you lead the ride

A: Fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory. No wait, that was the reason for looking for the Shankara Stones.

Reasons for volunteering to lead the ride.. Well, it goes back to when Evie was born 8 years ago, and Michelle and I became friends with a few couples in the NCT class.

One couple had a boy who is on the autistic spectrum and at the time I knew absolutely bugger all about autism. It was through following their daily challenges and their amazing, positive attitude on FB that I actually learnt a lot more about autism. Then I met Jojo Benz, followed her on FB and learnt more, then Paul, and learnt even more.

I'm certainly no expert, far from it, but seeing how awesome parents can be and hearing about some of the challenges they face and the misunderstandings they have to put up with from members of the public who don't understand the challenges (I myself would have been one of them), it's a cause I am truly, honestly proud to support.

On a personal level, it's also something I need to do, since my father past away I've struggled with so many things I used to love to do, one of which was organising big events... I feel personally if I push myself back doing ride outs like this is also really helps me to get back to being more of my old self.

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