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Supergood bikers for Autism

Is a community-based group with the aim to raise money for charities or provide disability equipment to those that require some support.

We raise money through the rides or by selling apparel kindly supplied to us as donation.

All monies raised are donated to the charities listed above with the addition of a one-off purchase once a year to provide a lucky few with a gift that supports them and their support needs be it a cuddly toy or game.





I started these ride out's as I wanted to ride for my 2 sons, my youngest has a chromosome deletion and is Autistic with Situational mutism, but I also wanted to meet other parents and kids who were going through similar things. It is nice to talk to other parents around social needs & support needs for our kids or young adults, how hard it is to find


I could not find a charity ride in the UK for Autism awareness so I thought I would start one myself, with the aid of some fabulous people I started the first SUPERGOOD ride in 2017, originally to the ace cafe with a supergroup of 15 people.  We are now 5 rides strong with around 250 bikes at each of the 5 rides rasing around 10k per year for the National Autistic society & the Wave project UK.

My motorcycle is my opportunity to de-stress to have some freedom to think, sometimes I ride on my own, sometimes to work but often with my sons. 

So come and ride with me and enjoy a cruise out with some great people. 


thanks for your support 




Monster Mesh try to give back to local organisations and charities wherever possible, and one charity which they have helped for a number of years now is Supergood bikers for Autism.

Mark and MM have supported us from 2018




HCOMM have sponsored & supported us from 2018

The MD has a son who is Autistic and is a keen bike rider himself with quite a nice collection of bikes

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