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Supergood | BIKERS for Autism |

We are a community of bikers with children & young adults who are autistic or Neurodiverse.

We have bikers who ride with us that are Neurodiverse and we hope to be as inclusive as possible for our rides.


Our main purpose is to create an environment where we can talk about Bikes, Autism & Neurodiversity, supporting each other with a phone call or just a cup of coffee (or tea) when required can make a big difference.


Our first ride out was in 2016 a ride from the Cafe Racer store in Brighton, working our way up to the Ace Cafe in London.

I decided to ride the route the opposite way round to support a different way of thinking.

With a small group of 15 or so bikers, the support of the National Autistic Society & the fabulous team

at The cafe racer we got things off the ground. 

That year we manage to raise £1.5k for the National Autistic society.


The following year grew to 120 bikers for the one ride with the help & amazing support of so many people in the biking community, personal friends & the generosity of the sponsors Hcomm & Monstermesh.

I have also managed to produce a small selection of clothing to help create awareness & acceptance to encourage people to talk openly about Autism and the community.

To date, we have raised over 18 thousand pounds for the National Autistic society. 

Fast forward a few years, a move north for myself & the family, the recent help and support of R6 Sparky family & we continue to host more rides each year.

Leeds - My Moto store ride-outs

The cafe racer store ride-outs

The Legacy 1885 store ride-outs

London Ace Cafe to Pinewoods cafe

& a few others

Thanks to the support & sponsorship of all the riders, marshal's & families in our community



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