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Meet Jess

Meet Jess our SG ambassador on her 125cc Honda

Her story with us is a super one, from pillion to passing her 125 cbt to leading a SGBFA ride, she has been a relentless supporter & learner.

Her and Chris are two of my long term supporters.

This is a note is from Jess for Autism acceptance month.

I’m just posting to say on Autism Awareness Day, that as someone who has autism, adhd, anxiety and depression, I feel I've achieved a lot in my 21 years of being on this earth and I wanted to share what I've achieved the past year, I got my cbt (after 24 hours worth of training) and have done about 8,000 miles since, I finished and graduated university with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, become more independent living alone and socially (and still improving), done camping trips on the bike, done a lot of my own bike maintenance and maintenance with a new friend, done more solo rides, done long distance rides, and what I feel is one of the bigger things is becoming an ambassador for such a great charity and helping raise money for people like myself while doing what I love, also creating some art towards some stickers @supergood_bikers_for_autism 🎗😁

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