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Meet Baz

Updated: Apr 9

introducing Baz - the king of signed SG merch from the BSB paddock.. a true BSB fan if I ever I saw one 😂

Baz, a supergood biker and carpenter is the one who kindly made me a beautiful helmet stand last year for the supergood helmet that I show off at the ride outs , he has a young son Stanley who is diagnosed autistic & adhd, we rode for Stanley in 2023..

Baz is himself diagnosed with MS. Multiple sclerosis so it presents challenges he has to overcome in his self care and supporting his lad and wife.

it's truly be great having Baz on board as he has done loads to get kit signed by the BSB riders and in turn allows us to able to sell these off to make extra fundraising monies for the National

Autistic society, plus we have something special for the community to purchase and have the odd ones as giveaways.. 👍🏼

Baz in his supergood hoodie

Baz in his element getting stuff signed 💪🏼💪🏼

Stanley and Baz at the beach

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