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Meet Sean

I'm Sean a life long biker, I got my first bike on my 7th birthday now 58, I have never been without a bike of one sort or another 👍🏼

I have two amazing kids, Jade who's is 35 now, she is pictured with my partner Penny, Jade has been diagnosed with ADHD, along with my sunshine Michael 30, he is on the spectrum and fairly high dependent / support needs .

First became aware of SGBFA a couple of years ago and been on a few rides in the north.

Love the community and felt I needed to be more involved and help raise funds so I approached Bracky about involving SGBFA in the super soap box races.

With a Race in Bradford and recently in Colne we had a great time and meet some great people who also have a connection to Autism, including one of the soap box builders who’s son is autistic.

It's a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to supporting the SGBFA community 🤘🏼


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