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Meet Walker-O'hare

Meet Martyn, a good friend I have know for the best part of 30 years

Why I ride..

Although I participate in this ride-out to support a great friend and honour the amazing job Paul does for this cause and his family I ride for myself and my family.

When I was a kid back in the 80’s I was just a troublesome child with “issues” so never got any help or support that would have really helped me to understand myself. My son was diagnosed as Autistic (same as me) but he got the help he needed, I think this was mainly due to other issues he had from kidney / heart problems and a DVT at 15 meaning he is on a lot of tablets for life so is in and out of hospital a lot and thats where the help came from.

He’s now 24 and still struggles with many things in life but doesn’t like being labeled “on the spectrum” as he feels it still makes people pre judge him as there still isn’t enough education out there yet.

I think because we are similar we bang heads a lot but he has now the most amazing step-mum in his life after loosing his mum a few years ago. She is so supportive and positive with him all the time and always works hard to include him in all that we do, never an easy task! This has really helped with his younger sister (19) who has lived through the angry outbursts, shouting and screaming etc to have someone new in her life that is always positive and has surrounded them both with love and supported me when I’ve struggled with him.

If riding for this great cause helps raise awareness I’m all for it. If all my family have been through has taught me anything its that positivity and love help every situation and the more we talk about Autism and Mental Health the better for everyone because there’s no such thing as “normal” anymore, we are all in this together.

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